IT Consulting and Support Services

We manage your IT, so you can manage your business.

Even small companies heavily depend on their workstations, networking and devices for every day operations.
Data integrity, data backups, reliable networking are just few of IT areas critical to any business. Viruses, malware and security issues represent a serious risk to all devices.
Servers and Workstations require monthly updates and maintenance in order to continue to run smoothly.

We offer IT Consulting services to evaluate your business needs and to optimize your IT infrastructure for best performance, reliably and Data protection.
For companies in need of more continuous assistance and where hiring a full time IT personnel is not yet justified, we offer our IT Support Plans tailored to your specific needs.
IT Support Plans start as low as $350/mo.

  IT Support Plans Include:

   Support Desk - Contact us with any questions or problems.

   Complete Data Backup - Local and Cloud Backups. Fast recovery if needed.

   Server and Workstations Maintnance - Updates, AntiVirus, AntiMalware.

   Email Support (Including Office365).

   Website Support.

   Assistance with equipment and software purchases.

   Assistance with Quickbooks issues.

   Firewall Monitoring.

   User's Security Access to network resources.

   Discounted rate for Service Call when needed.

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